The purpose of the modules is to provide a foundation for training on inclusive education that is grounded in a human rights-based approach.

Module 2 focuses on relationships and how relationships can be created to promote inclusive education in schools and communities. By focusing directly on what participants do or don’t do, it is emotionally the most challenging of the three modules. Participants have to be willing to reflect on their own interaction patterns, the possible lack of real relationships to colleagues and families, and the consequences of such practices for others.

The focus of this module is not on concepts of communications and modes of interactions; it does not provide communication training or teach relationship skills. The time allocated for the modules is not sufficient for capacity building or development of competence. The module highlights the need for these and provides opportunities to reflect on participants’ abilities and knowledge in this area. By using tools that participants can use again with others, it helps initiate necessary change processes in schools and communities.

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